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When you've got a Wi-Fi or Internet issue, call the Kapiti Wireless Experts.

Whether you've got Vodafone HFC, Chorus Fibre, Starlink, Rural Broadband, 4G or VDSL/ADSL, we've got it covered. Over 25 years working in IT and for some of the countries leading ISPs, we know a thing or two about wireless.

Why use the Kapiti Wireless Experts

Prompt. Affordable. Knowledgeable.

Fast response

Often available at short notice, all afternoon and early evening, when you're at home. No days off work waiting for a callout. We guarantee it will be easy!

Root cause analysis

We have some of the world's leading software to quickly identify wireless issues so you're not paying for hours of labour, guaranteed!

Sociable techs

Wireless isn't all about ip addresses and vlan tagging. We make it simple, with our sociable attitude and jargon free technology lingo.

Parts on hand

While other techs nip off to the store to buy a router or access point, we nip out to our van. We carry a full range of spares, parts and new hardware all the time.

Amazing service. For years we struggled with intermittent disconnections, dropouts and weak signal down the back of our house. We thought we had the right setup, but Dave came and installed a whole new setup for us, and we can now stream 4K Netflix in the back bedroom, yay! 

pamela armstrong


Got a new router and my ISP said it was plug and play, yeah right! Took us hours and finally gave up so call these guys. Same day service and I needed a VLAN tag, along with a different cable from the router to the Chorus box to get faster speeds. Lesson learnt, should have called right away.

James Dougall



Simple pricing without
hidden fees.

Best Value



Per hour. Minimum 1 hour.

Fast response
Pre-call to check we can help
Tech carries spares/parts
Includes travel surcharge
15 minute, fast fix fee*

Price includes GST. Min 1 hour, then every 15mins.

Business (+GST)


Per hour. Minimum 1 hour.

Faster response
Most senior engineers 
Tech carries spares/parts
Includes travel surcharge
15 minute, fast fix fee*

Price excludes GST. Min 1 hour, then every 15mins.

15 minute fast fix fee: If we arrive and fix your issue within 15 minutes, you'll only pay a $82.50 callout fee ($102.50+gst for business).

Expected commit time: Most jobs are next day however if we can fit you in same day we will - this is often around 4.30pm onwards. If it's an emergency and can't wait, our office staff can attend your property next for a 100% surcharge (i.e. double usual rates). 

Business hours: Our standard hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm. Outside these times a $50 fee applies for weekends, on public holidays and from 7pm to 8am we have a 100% surcharge (i.e. double quoted rates above). 

Free ISP Routers: Most of our callouts are in relation to the free ISP router or modem you received. Wholesale margins on Fibre are minimal and giving away a free router is a major impact to profit margins - hence these freebies aren't very good. They might be fine for a studio apartment but not a 5 bed home. We recommend you look at your home wireless as to how much it benefits you. If it's vital, then you should invest in an enterprise level setup, yes this costs more $$ but is definitely worthwhile. 

Hardware: Most wireless issues are fixed by upgrading your wireless hardware. Don't feel like you are being pressured into buying new equipment but our experienced technicians will make recommendations based on your property environment, size and wall cavities. You can purchase equipment through us at industry leading prices or buy yourself and we'll install it. 

Travel Surcharge: We charge a $25 travel fee for addresses in Otaki, Manakau and Pukerua Bay. For customers in Ohau, Levin or surrounding areas we charge a $65 travel fee. This is in addition to the hourly fee. See our pricing card for full details. 

15-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with our services, we'll refund your money in full. All we ask is that you let us try and fix the issue first. The 15 days starts after full payment has been made on your invoice.

You'll need to let us know why you'd like a refund with a phone call to our helpdesk however we definitely won't make things difficult - we'd just like to improve for next time. 

Excludes any hardware purchased and supplied.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you come?

We are available within a few business days. Often we have some availability same day if you call us early in the morning. We make no guarantees on same day service unfortunately.

Can you come on Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, please add $50 one-off Callout fee to the hourly rate for weekend Callouts. 

What can you help with / can't you help with?

We can help with all your wireless needs such as modems, routers, access points, boosters, cabling, switches, smart cameras (no supply, no sales, no NVR/recording), other wireless devices. We can assist with wireless coverage issues, dropouts, deadspots, disconnections and connection issues. We can also assist with wireless mapping, long distance wireless, outdoor wireless, point to point, rural internet solutions.

We cannot help with computer hardware issues, nor can we help with damaged wireless clients such as laptops, phones or smart technology. We can help to identify a wireless issue though.  

What is the difference between residential and business?

Residential is for home owners and small businesses or those that work at home. If you've got employee devices, business fibre, server cabinet, or a comms cabinet, or an enterprise firewall/router then you'll need to choose our business rates where a more senior engineer can attend and resolve your issue or assist with a request/change. 

Which areas do you cover for on site callouts?

We cover Kapiti Coast from Pukerua Bay to Levin and everywhere in between including Te Horo, Otaki Forks, Hautere. There is a $25 - $65 surcharge for addresses from Otaki to Levin. Please check our pricing page for accurate rates. 

How much will a Callout cost?

We charge a minimum of $115 including GST for residential and $125+gst for business. This includes 1 hour labour. If your job takes 15 minutes or less we offer a 15 minute fast fix fee. If longer than 15 minutes, minimum of 1 hour will apply. Rates are more for after-hours and weekends so please check rate card (+$50 callout or double-rates). 

We are time and materials billing, so not all jobs are suited to us as we don't have an office, we are mobile and come to you.

Will you climb a ladder, roof space, run cables etc?

Yes we can however we aren't allowed on the roof. If roof access is required we recommend using an aerial guy or yourself. We can assist in clarifying what work is required and where our cables need to be routed to inside your home or business and assist with outsourcing to a 3rd party contractor if required.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer bank deposit and is the only option with no added fees. We also take cash in person - please have correct amount as we may not have change available. Paypal and credit card available, please ask for this. 

How is billing handled?

We use time and materials billing. i.e. you'll have a callout and first hour charge as one quoted price (minimum one hour). Then we bill in 15 minute increments for any additional time required. Our travel costs are built-in to our prices. If new parts or tech are required we'll either supply them if we have in the van, or order these in. A return visit may be required if you can't install yourself, hence we introduced our 15 minute fast fix charge to save you $ for this visit. If you've booked on a weekend, public holiday or after-hours, a surcharge is applied to your total as per above.  

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